Friday, 3 January 2014


By Tira : Inspired from Strawberry

By Shira : Inspired from Candy

By Ady

By Hasha : Inspired from Circus

My Three Friend ..

By Farhana : Inspired from Pyramid

By Alan Kwang : Inspired from Samurai

Inspired Kimono

By Tia

By Awe

Part 2B members..

Alan,tira,fana and shira

By Mimie : Inspired from Batik

By Zul 

By Hazim @ Sajeh

By Raiyan

By Aziz

Dramatic friends..hahaha...

Him promote my font .. haha..

Hasha and shira

My soul sister .. :)

By Zaman and Ding

My Cute felt pillow ..!! i love it ..!!

With Our Lecturer ..Puan Mastura..

Our Classmate..

By Hazlan Sudin : Inspired By Choclate

Thanks to our beloved lecturer.. Puan Mastura.. Because teach our class about typography..
How to design font and how to promote font ...
You are LOVING mummy for our class...
Thanks Puan Mas.. 


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